About CrowdMall

CrowdMall in a nutshell

CrowdMall is a worldwide, online shopping centre for everything that doesn’t exist yet. It provides retail space for people with ideas to find markets for their products and services by pitching their concepts for pre-launch orders and building fan-base communities comprising the purchasers of their ideas.

Origin story

The idea for CrowdMall came about in October 2020 when co-founders Simon Krystman and Christopher Norris wanted to find a way for pre-launch founders, inventors and creatives to validate their ideas for products and services with real people, as a means of deciding whether or not launch a startup, invention or creative project.  Already co-founders of the 12Ronnies Foundation and the Founders and Mentors platform, dedicated to supporting pre-launch entrepreneurs and creatives with mentoring in conjunction with a range of tools and resources, Simon and Christopher are also directors of the free-to-use crowdfunding platform for social entrepreneurs, local communities, NGOs and charities: CrowdPatch.

As CrowdPatch never charges fees for crowdfunding, enabling project owners to put together teams of volunteers and freelancers to produce and promote their campaigns, the platform has needed a stable and continuous source of revenue to support its work for communities in all locations and interest groups.

Launched in January 2021, all profits from CrowdMall go to CrowdPatch to support its work with not-for-profit community projects.

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