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CrowdMall’s website launches

Idea through innovation to launch in four months

Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay

CrowdMall announces its existence to the world today by sending press releases to relevant online and offline publications and starting to promote its launch products to core and adjacent audiences: early adopters with potential interest in pre-ordering the ideas available for pre-sale. Our journey started in October 2020, reaching its website launch today.

We have walked the walk of market-fit validation: we presented the idea of CrowdMall to over 1000 members of the Founders and Mentors network, which comprises pre-launch founders, inventors and creatives as well as experienced commercial entrepreneurs acting as mentors. We ran a poll on the network in January 2021 to ask the following question:

As part of our journey to create a product/service to help our members with idea-customer validation, please pick your preferred option?

• Crowdfunding platform for ideas
• Store to sell idea/product at concept stage
• Showcasing and surveying platform for ideas

The top priority from the poll was to create a ‘store to sell idea/product at concept stage’ (38%): the other options both received 30% of the vote. This gave us the green light to launch CrowdMall’s website, starting with the category of ‘Books’ (given our launch team’s deep experience in the book trade).

We are proud to launch CrowdMall with book concepts from two publishing houses: Happy London Press in the UK; and LetsAuthor in India. Our launch titles cover a range of interests: art and photography; crime fiction; poetry; and business (see Books category).

We are also delighted to be a prime, case study example of LetsAuthor’s Open Authoring launch book concept: BUILDING A STARTUP: IDEA – INNOVATION – LAUNCH

We open our digital doors to the world’s sellers today, to share their ideas for pre-sale in the CrowdMall marketplace.