Buy at CrowdMall


Treat CrowdMall like an online shopping centre for ideas for products and services that interest you. You can browse the ideas for pre-launch ordering in the following ways:

  • Using the CrowdMall search engine
  • Selecting a category group and sub-heading to find similar ideas clustered together
  • Choosing a menu tab that highlights selections of ideas according to factors such as popularity, newness to the platform and bestsellers with different audiences
  • Scrolling down the CrowdMall home page to find featured items

Ordering a pre-launch product or service

Once you have found an idea that you would like to support, you can place a pre-launch order. Choose the format and price you desire, where these are identified, and add the quantify you would like to purchase to your shopping basket.

On the View basket page, check the items (and quantities) that you wish to buy and then click on the Go to checkout button

On the Checkout page, fill out your desired delivery address for shipping the finished product (or service, where appropriate) as well as your card details for payment.

Visit the following pages for further advice and information