Customer service for buyers

Our promise to you

CrowdMall sells ideas for products and services that haven’t been launched yet. Items for sale are limited editions, available for purchase as pre-launch orders. This means you can be the first to own a product or use a service – and enjoy the advantages of supporting ideas early.

We are here for early adaptors, innovators, and people who do not follow the crowd. Our policy is customer first, not seller first. The seller only gets paid when items have been shipped.

As an early purchaser, you also join a community of buyers (for the pre-launch product or service you have ordered) who participate interactively in the seller’s journey to bring their idea to fruition.

Change of delivery address

Should your delivery address change before your order is fulfilled, you can edit your details.

Ideas that do not find a viable market

Should an idea not be realised for any reason, CrowdMall will refund your account will the full amount you paid for your pre-launch order.