Seller fulfilment

The buyer’s journey

Here is the itinerary you embark on when you place a pre-launch order for a seller’s idea for a product or service:

1.  Your money is held in a secure escrow account managed by CrowdMall:

    • CrowdMall only releases your money to sellers at the moment they ship their product or service to you
    • Should a seller fail to ship their product or service to you, CrowdMall will send you a total refund for the value of your order

2.  At the moment you purchase a pre-launch order, you join a community of buyers (for the same product or service you have ordered) who participate interactively in the seller’s journey to bring their idea to fruition. Sellers may engage with you interactively in some of the following ways:

    • Update you with news
    • Send you a regular newsletter
    • Ask for your opinion via polls and questions
    • Invite you to events
    • Run competitions for buyers

3.  At any point in the journey, CrowdMall invites you to add fair and respectful comments to the seller’s idea page that describe your experience of the process that can be used by the seller to promote their idea around their networks and social media platforms.