If you have a question about CrowdMall, please check the FAQ below to see if they provide an answer to your query. You can also find plenty of useful information in the information pages in the footer of every web page at CrowdMall. If you still need to contact us, you can reach us via email: see Contact page

Buyer questions

  • Why shop at CrowdMall?
    CrowdMall is for you if you are looking for something new or novel, something that isn’t yet available, or something innovative and cutting edge that will keep you ahead of the curve.
  • What is CrowdMall?
    CrowdMall is an online marketplace for products and ideas that sellers want to launch but want to test demand first. It brings together creatives and innovators with early adopters like you.
  • How does CrowdMall work?
    CrowdMall operates in the same way as any online store. You search or browse for a product that interests you, put it in your shopping basket and proceed to checkout. The difference comes mainly in the shipping times as many of the products and ideas need to be created, which can take months until they are ready to be shipped. The seller fills the delivery gap by welcoming you into a community of fans and keeping you engaged with content about the journey of creating the product.
  • What happens if a seller does not have enough demand to create the product?
    Buyers get a full refund. We hold your money in escrow, so sellers only get paid when they ship the product to you. CrowdMall’s priority is to our customers, you the buyer. If a product is taking an unreasonably long time to create and ship, we will offer the buyer an opt-out option with a full refund.
  • What happens if the buyer is not satisfied with the product?
    All our sellers have to comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (UK law). If the item you pre-ordered is faulty, not as described, or does not do what it’s supposed to, you can receive a full refund from the seller if you write to them within 14 days of receiving the goods you want to cancel. You then have another 14 days to return the goods to the seller, who must send you a full refund within 14 days of receiving the goods back. See also: seller returns and refunds page.
  • What happens while the buyer is waiting for the product to be created and shipped?
    The simple answer is lots! CrowdMall keeps you informed of the creation progress. Our sellers are able to communicate and get feedback at all stages of creation, allowing the seller to contribute and participate in early feedback. Collaborating on the creation between seller and buyer is part of the fun. This is a unique aspect of CrowdMall.

Seller questions

  • Why use CrowdMall?
    If you want to find out if there is a customer demand for your idea or yet-to-be-launched product, we offer a place to validate the demand with early adopters. If there is insufficient demand then you can decide not to go ahead with creating the product. If there is demand then you can understand and gain insight from your customer profiles, through our buyer collaboration process.
  • What is CrowdMall?
    CrowdMall is a pre-sale, pre-orders shopping centre for creatives and innovators to test customer demand for ideas and products.
  • How does CrowdMall differ from crowdfunding?
    CrowdMall exists to validate concepts in the marketplace; it represents a form of agile marketing that enables sellers to test the viability of their ideas in the marketplace. Sellers engage with buyers in dynamic communities that shape the final form of successful products or services. Crowdfunding platforms exist to raise funds for campaigns to which project owners are already committed; each campaign sets a target figure to be raised in a set time period for a project that is not subject to change. CrowdMall’s focus is on the process of market validation of early-stage ideas; crowdfunding platforms concentrate on target figures and timelines to realise fully fledged projects.
  • Which types of ideas and products can I list on CrowdMall?
    We will only list feasible ideas and products that we are convinced the seller can create. No time machines or other impossible concepts will be considered unless they are backed by real-world science and technology. CrowdMall reserve the right to list only the ideas and products they deem feasible and wish to sell.
  • How do sellers list ideas and products?
    CrowdMall has a submissions form for sellers to complete and submit. From there we will assess whether to list your idea based on a number of criteria, including feasibility, ethics and likelihood for the seller to be able to produce the product and engage with buyers during the creation process.
  • Whose responsibility is shipping and providing refunds?
    It is the responsibility of the seller to deal with shipping and the provision of refunds. All our sellers have to comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (UK law). If the item pre-ordered by a buyer is faulty, not as described, or does not do what it’s supposed to, the buyer can receive a full refund from you if they write to you within 14 days of receiving the goods they want to cancel. They then have another 14 days to return the goods to you; and you must send them a full refund within 14 days of receiving the goods back. You will need to have in place an agreement with your suppliers to refund their portion of the price of the faulty item to you. CrowdMall will also refund you the commission fee on the pre-sale of the faulty item. You will not be out of pocket when sending a pre-sale purchaser of faulty goods a full refund. See also: seller returns and refunds page.
  • What if sellers decide not to create or ship the product?
    As the buyers’ money is retained by CrowdMall in escrow, CrowdMall will return the full amount of funds to the buyer. CrowdMall is a place to list ideas and products that have customer demand. We will be less likely to list ideas and products from sellers who have a poor track record with us.
  • Does CrowdMall take a commission on sales?
    Yes, CrowdMall takes a commission to cover costs and any work completed on sellers’ products and services that do not ship, which trigger refunds to the buyers. This figure is comparable with many online and offline retailers. All profits from CrowdMall support it’s parent company, CrowdPatch CIC: the free-to-use crowdfunding platform for projects run by social entrepreneurs, local communities, NGOs and charities.
  • Whose side are CrowdMall on: the buyer or the seller?
    The buyer every time! CrowdMall’s customers are our buyers. We are a customer-focused company.