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The crowd-supported pre-order marketplace

CrowdMall is an e-commerce marketplace where product creators generate risk-free pre-sales of ready-to-make products from early-adopter buyers.

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How CrowdMall Works

Join the crowd-selling pre-launch marketplace and pre-sell innovative products to early-adopter customers who discover and back your product launch

Discover innovative new products

Engage directly with creators, browse offerings, and learn what makes their product great.

Pre-order products 100% risk free

Campaigns have transparent sales goals and deadlines backed by CrowdMall's guarantee.

Be the first to own new products

Items that hit their goal will be produced and delivered. If not, you get your money back.

CrowdMall Creator Benefits

Simple, powerful tools

Launch a campaign with ease

Easy to create product description pages to showcase your ideas’ features and benefits within minutes

Concierge listing support

Work with us to optimize your campaign listing

Learn how to position your idea at CrowdMall to guarantee optimal visibility on the platform to attract the right kind of customers

Reach a world of shoppers

We automatically market your campaigns to drive awareness

Engage with your ideas’ core audiences to maximize their potential for attracting pre-orders from enthusiastic customers

In-depth reporting & insights

Own your customer data and consumer analytics

Gain insights into your aligned marketplace to optimize sales when you promote your scaled-up product in commercial markets, both online and offline.

Best-in-class e-commerce functionality

We understand the importance of capturing demand

Use enterprise e-commerce capabilities & features powered by a high-converting seamless checkout, advanced payment processing & fraud protection, and marketing tools, optimized for mobile and cross-platform integrations. 

How We Are Different

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding campaigns raise seed money for new projects from a large number of people

Crowdfunding is crowdsourced alternative financing that can be used to start a business. Crowdfunding typically takes place at the earliest stage of launching a business or product to fund R&D. There is no guarantee the product will ever make it to market or that the funds will be sufficient to deliver as promised.

What is pre-ordering?

A pre-order is a payment placed for an item that is developed but not yet released from an established business 

When you pre-order an item you commit to buying the product upon its release which assists the seller in forecasting inventory needs and ensuring a successful product launch. When you pre-order a product you are guaranteed either to receive it or get your money back.

The best of both!

How we're different

Backed by a crowd-supported audience  ✓
Products have completed R&D and are ready to make
Creators have funds secured to manufacture the item
Creators only receive funds once the product is delivered
There is no risk of not receiving the product ordered
Designed for established product creators and inventors
De-risks inventory investment & validates product-market fit
Designed for early edition, not prototype stage product launches
Once production funds are met, creators can make profits

Product Eligibility Criteria & Creator Listing Requirements

Production-ready Products

Products must be ready to produce at the end of the campaign - no beta or proto type products will be approved

Manufacturing Sourced

Manufacturing capabilities and arrangements must be secured for immediate production

Funding Secured

Necessary funding must be in place to make products upfront. Creators are paid after delivery

Logistics Solution in Place

Creators must have delivery and shipping capabilities in place to deliver products to buyers

Six Month Production Limit

All products must be delivered within 180 days or less after a campaign is completed

Disruptive Impact

Products must have a disruptive impact in the marketplace that meet customer needs

Practical Products Only

Products must be practical enough to be realized, shipped and, capable of being replicated for commercial use

Unique & New-to-Market

Products must be innovative and unique ideas rather than incremental changes to existing items

Key Platform Features

Transparent Sales Goals

Clearly stated sales target thresholds, progress indicators, and timelines

Communicate with Creators

Message creators publicly via Q&A and comments, or privately via direct messages

Creator Vetting & Verification

Our team vets all creator projects for approval so you can trust their authenticity

Delivery Timeline Estimates

Creators clearly display how long it will take to produce and deliver the product

Secure Hold of
Buyer Funds

Pre-order funds are held securely by CrowdMall until you receive your product

100% Money-back Guarantee

Full buyer refund if the product campaign does not achieve its sales goal

Enterprise E-commerce Platform

Leading e-commerce features for ordering and communication

Guaranteed Pre-order Pricing

The price you pay will never change after your pre-order is purchased

Engage and Provide Feedback

Contribute feedback and engage with the creator directly

Keep Tabs on Campaigns

Creators provide regular updates so you can keep track of progress

Apply To Become A Beta Creator 

Launch your new product campaign on CrowdMall as a seller. Platform fees waived - limited slots available!

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