IN THE ARENA by Saumita Banerjee et al.

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, make your idea a roaring success

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This book – being written by Open Authoring – aims to outline a set of hands-on strategies and techniques to transform a raw idea into an innovative solution: a product or a service that is valuable to the end user, who will be willing to pay for it.

idea transforms into an innovation when it successfully addresses a problem or a need, in a practical, affordable, and reliable way. Implementation of the innovation, and its execution comprises what we call the setting up of a business.

The book is divided into two parts: the first part will deal with the process of transforming a raw idea into an innovation, and the second part will be about converting that innovation into a real, practical business.

Target readers for this book are enterprising individuals with ideas to address the gaps and opportunities in the current state of things.

Most such ideas generally die a very early death due to a lack of conviction and commitment from the originator. This book aspires to become the go-to guide, whenever a new idea sparks. It aims to instil confidence in the originator about the idea, by providing tools to quickly evaluate its viability, the opportunity it may hold, its scalability potential.

If the idea passes this initial test, the idea originator will be taken through a detailed guideline toward transforming the idea into an innovative business. It targets entrepreneurs wanting to start up a new business, as well as intrapreneurs working in large corporates, wanting to transform their idea into a new product/service line, or perhaps even a spin-out.

About The Author - Saumita Banerjee et al.

Saumita Banerjee is the Founder and Director at LetsAuthor, an independent publisher that introduces the concept of Open Authoring. Through this global platform for collaborative book writing, LetsAuthor is building a community of experts and professionals to co-author non-fiction books for publication. LetsAuthor publishes books created through Open Authoring, originating from ideas conceived by the company's editorial team, or by its collaborating authors and publishing partners.

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