Project Launched: 01/01/1970


Get your film ideas off the ground by pre-selling your pitches

Sold By: CrowdMall


Image credit: Photo by Angela May commissioned at Fiverr by Christopher Norris

Got a new idea for a film? Putting on a film festival? Running an awards event for rewarding films and filmmakers? You have come to the right place.

CrowdMall will help you to find an audience and fan base for your project. By pre-selling your music, event or merchandise to core and adjacent prospective customers, you will validate whether or not your idea has legs before you spend precious time, energy and money on developing it further. You will test the market-fit for your idea in the best possible way: by getting customers to pay for your idea while it is still on your drawing-board.

Want to upload your idea today? Contact CrowdMall at and we will send you a application form to complete.



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