Female PI throws light on a voodoo kidnapping in a quiet London suburb.

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Pacy murder mystery with plenty of twists and turns, multiple storylines and a complex female heroine of colour with determination and guts.

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When the candle burns down the victim dies, watching their life melt away with the wax of the candle.

In a quiet North London suburb a number of business and professional women are found horribly murdered. Linked by a common historic association with a Trinidad orphanage run by nuns, the victims are all discovered with a black candle burning by their bodies, their names cryptically inscribed down the side in the wax.

Private investigator, Tammy Pierre, who’s father is Trinidadian, elects to fly to the island to investigate. What she finds involves abuse and killings going back more than twenty years—and a killer, who has re-emerged in London with the specific aim of eliminating anyone who might be able to throw light on the mystery. Belong long Tammy finds herself trapped, bound and gagged—and watching a black candle with her name etched on the side gradually burning down.

Themes explored in the novel

The novel explores voodoo, otherwise known as obiah in Trinidad, as well as the attempt to find and extract an American world expert in the oil trade who has become detached from his group and is now lost in Aleppo, Syria. His capture by any rebel group would be catastrophic for the West.

Previous titles

Conspiracy series (featuring PI Tammy Pierre)

1. The Lyme Regis Murders


The Hamilton Conspiracy

Short stories

Beads of Blood: and other stories




Andrew Segal says…

As a boy I watched a contract killer being interviewed, in shadow, on BBC TV. How they got hold of him I shall never know. But there he was, quietly telling us all that after a murder, he enjoyed a sense of peace and tranquility.

So, how about contract killers? In the years before the satnav, when I found myself driving in an unfamiliar district, unable to find my way, I gave a lift to an old man who offered to show me the route in return for a ride. Extremely chatty, he told me confidentially, as we drove, that he’d been, ‘away, for ten years’, and that he’d, ‘Done it mate. Done it for the Krays.’ A chilling realisation of whom I had seated next to me giving me directions, dawned on me. I wasn’t entirely happy until I knew where I was and dropped him off. ‘Drive safely, mate,’ he waved, as I motored on. Nice to know that some contract killers are concerned for one’s safety when you’re not on their immediate menu.


About The Author - Andrew Segal

Andrew Segal is a prolific author with books ranging from children’s stories, collection of dark short stories through to writing crime
thrillers: the first being The Hamilton Conspiracy. His ‘day job’ provides the basis for many entertaining tales, and his imagination conjures characters and situations that will leave you eager to read more. He is a licensed insolvency practitioner based in London, a profession that provides a diamond mine of stories that has inspired the latest in a new series of PI novels.

This is Andrew’s fourth book, but the second in the 'Conspiracy' series of detective novels, featuring PI Tammy Pierre. The montage of the cover design is in a painted style to reflect the mature readership, but stays clear of the familiar dark silhouette cliche formula, to maintain its own identity.

Andrew has had three stories recently been published in The Lady magazine, been interviewed on the US podcast Living a Life through Books and featured on the UK regional radio station, Wycombe Sound. Andrew was also a Top Tier Judge in the Hi2020 Short story competition.

Andrew's ex wife was from Trinidad, an island they visited several times together. He still in touch with some of the family, especially as his daughter has several cousins there. He derived all sorts of helpful information from these sources.

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Customer Comments

Unexpectedly good

I'll admit I didn't have high expectations (new authors and all that), but this is a really good read and has absolutely exceeded and surpassed my expectations. In the past I've read so called well-reviewed books by American authors and found them written, seemingly, down
to the level of the average US reader (too harsh, perhaps), so I was so pleasantly surprised to read a well written English book.

An interesting plot with a central character that is most definitely 'different', it kept me reading and highly entertained to the end. Well done to Andrew for this brilliant book and I really look forward to the next installant!

P. Fogg, Amazon review for The Lyme Regis Murders (5-star rating, verified purchase)>

Fab read, didn’t put it down

I liked the in depth descriptors of characters, places and attention to detail. This book will please those who enjoy language as it’s first rate and used in context. Damn good read.

Gail Pearson, Amazon review for The Lyme Regis Murders (5-star rating, verified purchase)>

The next Broadchurch but better!

Gripping story from start to finish. Loved the characters and the way they developed. Would love to see this turned into a TV programme. Can't wait for a sequel. Come on, Andrew Segal - get writing!

Anonymous, Amazon review for The Lyme Regis Murders (5-star rating, verified purchase)>

I look forward to the next book in the series

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, very clever how you have continued Tammy's story. This plot was full of intrigue and also information about Trinidad, faith and beliefs that influence us all in a variety of ways.

Marian Trendell, beta reader>

Thank you for allowing me to read the draft

Love the surprising ending on the last page; wonderful with the language of diverse cultures. Exciting storyline with many unpredictable plots.

Susan Cave, beta reader>

A good third book in the trilogy

Really enjoyed the narrative.... I hope that someone picks up the titles as a TV event or mini series. With the right director and cast these stories are as gripping as Killing Eve or Broadchurch. Each book in the series has expanded on the characterisations and I’ve been gripped by the storyline, especially enjoying the segues between plot points.

Charles Shiplee, beta reader>