Sell at CrowdMall


CrowdMall is like an online shopping centre for validating your ideas for products and services. You can create profile pages for promoting your ideas to potential buyers for pre-launch ordering in the following ways:

  • Fill out your Seller’s form correctly, making sure to attract potential buyers with compelling copy, attractive images and appropriate categories and hashtags
  • Identify your core and adjacent prospective audiences: you can conduct valuable agile market research by sharing elements of your ideas in a private nest at the free IdeasNest platform
  • Use marketing crowdfunding strategies and tactics to promote your idea to potential buyers in the audiences you identify, via social media and via direct emails to named individuals
  • Keep your pre-launch customers in the loop with your progress by providing your growing customer base with news and activities to maintain their enthusiasm for your idea during the time it takes you to develop your product or service up to the point of shipping. This fan base is the foundation of your future customer mailing list
  • As you only receive the money collected for pre-launch orders when you ship your product or service to your customers, you may choose to set up and manage an associated, concurrent crowdfunding campaign to raise money to support the development and realisation of your idea

Fulfilling a pre-launch product or service

Once buyers decide to support your idea, they can place a pre-launch order. They choose the format and price they desire, where these are identified, and add the quantify they would like to purchase to their shopping basket.

On the View basket page, they check the items (and quantities) that they wish to buy and then click on the Go to checkout button

On the Checkout page, they fill out their desired delivery address for shipping the finished product (or service, where appropriate) as well as their card details for payment.

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