Creating a seller’s page widget

Using Iframely to create and embed widgets to web pages of your choice

Every seller can add iframely widget links for free to other websites (e.g. author websites) to encourage visitors to these websites to click through to the seller’s CrowdMall pitch page to pre-order the idea.

Taking writers as an example of a class of seller, best practice for authors of all types (e.g. self-publishing, traditional publishing) is to have author websites for promoting their work. Aspiring authors can embed widgets in blog posts and on retail sites like eBay and Etsy.

By placing opportunities for pre-selling new ideas next to existing items for sale on websites of their choice, by using the widgets of their CrowdMall sales pages) sellers can promote their new ideas at the same time at their existing products and services every time they publicise these websites.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to embed the iframely widget code into the websites of your choice:

1. Click on the link to visit the Iframely website

2. Sign up to create a free account with Iframely via the Sign up button on the menu bar at the top of the screen

3. Fill out the Sign up form with your name, business email address and password and click on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button, which clicks you though to your new account’s Welcome page

4. Click on the Check URL tab in the menu bar, which takes you to the Embed page

5. On the Embed page, paste the URL for which you want to create a widget in the text field displayed at click the CHECK IT button in order to create the Iframely HTML embed code.

6. Copy the HTML code (by clicking on the COPY CODE button) and paste it at the location you desire on your website of choice, using the Code editor view that displays the web page HTML code

7. Switch to the Visual editor view and – when you are happy with the position and format of the website – update or publish the web page, now including the CrowdMall widget



Following the numbered steps above, in order to create a widget for the LetsAuthor business book idea (see above point 5), the URL for the CrowdMall seller’s page for the title is pasted into the text field on the Embed page at Iframely: i.e.

Clicking on the CHECK IT button creates the following HTML code for the seller’s page at CrowdMall:

<div class=”iframely-embed”><div class=”iframely-responsive” style=”height: 140px; padding-bottom: 0;”><a href=”” data-iframely-url=”//;key=6fc60dea49ac4fc5db63af4379383ed0″></a></div></div><script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

By embedding this HTML code in the Code editor of this page (see above point 6), the code will create an image-link in the Visual editor view and in the updated web page. The Iframely HTML code above creates the widget below:

The HTML code you embed is “responsive”, which means the code creates web pages that look good on all devices. A responsive widget design will automatically adjust for different screen sizes and view options.