Delivery rates and policies

The seller’s journey

Here is the itinerary you embark on when buyers place a pre-launch order for your idea for a product or service:

1.  Your customers’ money is held in a secure escrow account managed by CrowdMall:

  • CrowdMall only releases your customers’ money to you at the moment you ship their product or service to them
  • At the point of shipping your product or service, CrowdMall takes a commission fee on pre-sales. All profits go to support CrowdMall’s parent company, CrowdPatch, which enables social entrepreneurs to crowdfund projects for free
  • Should you fail to ship your product or service to your customers, CrowdMall will send them a total refund for the value of their order

2.  At the moment your customers place a pre-launch order, they join a community of buyers (for your product or service) who participate interactively in the your journey to bring your idea to fruition. You may engage with them interactively in some of the following ways to maintain their enthusiasm for your idea:

  • Update you with news
  • Send you a regular newsletter
  • Ask for your opinion via polls and questions
  • Invite you to events
  • Run competitions for buyers

3. CrowdMall’s role in the transaction between you and your customers ends with the shipping of their orders and the simultaneous release of the funds owed to you from pre-launch sales. The logistics behind shipping and delivering your product or service to your customers are your responsibility to set up and manage. You are accountable to your customers for making sure they receive your product or service smoothly, safely and efficiently.

CrowdMall operates a returns policy in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which sets out UK law with respect to accepting returns and giving refunds. For further information, please visit our FAQ page