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A Comparison of Innovative E-commerce Marketplaces

A Comparison of Innovative E-commerce Marketplaces
Simon Krystman
  • Fierce competition in the online sector means that e-commerce marketplace platforms need to offer compelling USPs in order to be successful
  • Creators assess which platforms best help their products to get noticed by customers when deciding where and when to list their goods
  • Each platform offers different sales models, which will appeal to product creators at different phases of their production life cycle

CrowdMall vs. The Grommet and Touch of Modern

In today's dynamic e-commerce landscape, innovative marketplaces play a crucial role in connecting product creators with a global audience. Three prominent players in this space are CrowdMall, The Grommet, and Touch of Modern. 

As an expert with over a decade of experience in the industry, I shall guide you through a comprehensive comparison of these respective platforms to help you make an informed decision about where to list and promote your products.

Product curation and discovery

One of the key aspects of successful marketplaces is their ability to curate unique and innovative products. CrowdMall, The Grommet, and Touch of Modern all excel in this regard, offering a wide range of carefully curated products that appeal to their respective target audiences. 

CrowdMall focuses on early adopters and tech enthusiasts, while The Grommet highlights products with a compelling story behind them, and Touch of Modern caters to the modern lifestyle.

Brand exposure and promotion

Each platform offers different advantages when it comes to achieving brand exposure through marketing, PR, and promotion. 

CrowdMall provides an opportunity for product creators to gain exposure to a large audience of early adopters who actively seek out new and innovative products. 

The Grommet leverages its media partnerships and PR efforts to showcase products and share their stories with a broader audience. 

Touch of Modern, on the other hand, focuses on creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency through limited-time sales events.

Sales model and revenue sharing

Understanding the sales model operating at a platform and the structure for revenue sharing are essential for product creators. 

CrowdMall operates on a pre-order model, allowing creators to collect sales before manufacturing, reducing financial risk. They charge a commission on each sale, ensuring a fair revenue-sharing model. 

The Grommet follows a traditional e-commerce model, stocking inventory and fulfilling orders directly. 

Touch of Modern also follows a similar model, offering flash sales and revenue sharing with creators.

Customer engagement and support

Every successful marketplace needs to offer effective customer engagement and support in order to be successful. 

CrowdMall emphasizes community engagement, offering a dedicated seller community and providing support throughout the pre-order campaign process. 

The Grommet prioritizes storytelling and actively engages with customers through their website, blog, and social media channels. 

Touch of Modern focuses on creating a seamless shopping experience with responsive customer support.

Product validation and feedback

Gathering customer feedback and validating product ideas is vital for product creators.

CrowdMall offers an excellent platform for product validation through pre-orders and customer feedback. 

The Grommet relies heavily on customer reviews and testimonials to validate and promote products. 

Touch of Modern emphasizes the curation aspect, ensuring that only well-received and high-quality products make it to their platform.

Target audience and market reach

Understanding the target audience and market reach of each platform is vital for reaching your desired customer base. 

CrowdMall primarily targets early adopters and tech enthusiasts who actively seek out new and innovative products. 

The Grommet focuses on a wider audience interested in unique and problem-solving products. 

Touch of Modern caters to a demographic that appreciates modern design and lifestyle products.


Choosing the right marketplace for your products is crucial to achieving success in the e-commerce space. CrowdMall, The Grommet, and Touch of Modern each offer unique advantages and cater to different target audiences. 

CrowdMall's focus on early adopters and pre-orders, The Grommet's emphasis on product storytelling, and Touch of Modern's exclusive flash sales events all provide distinct opportunities for product creators. 

Consider your target audience, sales model, revenue sharing, and the level of engagement and support you require to make an informed decision. Whichever platform you choose, these marketplaces offer valuable exposure