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Join the crowd-selling pre-launch marketplace and pre-sell innovative products to early-adopter customers who discover and back your product launch

Avoid the biggest reason for new product startup failures

If your product doesn't attract enough customers willing to pay for it, your startup will eventually fail. CrowdMall is a pre-order marketplace for you to test your product market-fit directly, saving you money, time, energy, and resources. We give you authentic product market fit data to demonstrate consumer demand and insure a successful product launch while reducing financial risk.

Launch with confidence and without risk to excited buyers

CrowdMall can help you sell pre-orders so you can demonstrate sufficient need for your idea. Successful campaigns generate funds to manufacture and ship products to customers. Products validated on CrowdMall are fully funded, developed, market-tested & ready to produce. We bridge the creator-buyer relationship to ensure a smooth launch for your product.

Powerful tools and support to help your launch succeed

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote, and validate your product market-fit. When you set your pre-order sales goal and production deadline, CrowdMall automatically runs your campaign and handles payment guarantees while connecting you with interested buyers. Get tips on running a successful pre-order campaign in our creator Help Center.

CrowdMall serves to de-risk product launches for product creators and early-adopter consumers looking to back and own new innovations.

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Simple, transparent, secure

✓ No additional seller fees
✓ Safe & Secure transactions

✓ Automatic payment deposits
✓ Sales protection for creators

$250 Listing Fee

Campaigns are active for up to six months, or until they hit their sales goal.

18.5% Transaction Fee

Charged only on successfully validated campaigns when the sales goal target is achieved. This cost covers the 3% + $0.30 payment processing fee.

We process payments on our secure, SSL-encrypted platform, and have security specialists and fraud detection systems to protect you and your buyers 24/7 every day of the year.

Listing fees are billed for $250 USD and are non-refundable. Payment processing fees vary by bank and country.*

*Visit our Help Center for more details on payment processing fees.

How it works

Once you have a product innovation, funding, and manufacturing capabilities in place apply to become a product creator on CrowdMall.

Work with our expert team to generate your marketing materials and set up your product pre-order campaign with a sales target and timeline.

If your campaign is successful we will provide you with customer information to ship your products and payout your funds, less applicable fees.

What you get

Simple, powerful tools

Launch a campaign with ease

Easy to create product description pages to showcase your ideas’ features and benefits within minutes

Concierge listing support

Work with us to optimize your campaign listing

Learn how to position your idea at CrowdMall to guarantee optimal visibility on the platform to attract the right kind of customers

Reach a world of shoppers

We automatically market your campaigns to drive awareness

Engage with your ideas’ core audiences to maximize their potential for attracting pre-orders from enthusiastic customers

In-depth reporting & insights

Own your customer data and consumer analytics

Gain insights into your aligned marketplace to optimize sales when you promote your scaled-up product in commercial markets, both online and offline.

Best-in-class e-commerce functionality

We understand the importance of capturing demand

Use enterprise e-commerce capabilities & features powered by a high-converting seamless checkout, advanced payment processing & fraud protection, and marketing tools, optimized for mobile and cross-platform integrations. 

What makes a CrowdMall campaign unique?

Idea validation as a priority

CrowdMall resolves the question “Does my product have a viable market?”

Building a fanbase

Each customer becomes a fan of your product, with the potential to spread the good news about it via word of mouth. 

Proof of concept sales data 

The most compelling way of validating your idea is to pre-sell it to customers in exchange for their money. 

Marketing insights

You receive demographic information about the people who pre-order your product which allows you to build accurate customer personas.

What can you sell?

Tech & Innovation

Tech & Innovation

Be the first to have the latest in consumer technology and innovative new tech products.
Beauty & Wellness

Beauty & Wellness

Be the first to experience the latest in beauty innovation and healthy living.
Home Goods

Home Goods

Be the first to have new household innovations in kitchen, bath, garden, furniture decor, dining and more!

and more...

Product Eligibility Criteria & Creator Listing Requirements

Production-ready Products

Products must be ready to produce at the end of the campaign - no beta or proto type products will be approved

Manufacturing Sourced

Manufacturing capabilities and arrangements must be secured for immediate production

Funding Secured

Necessary funding must be in place to make products upfront. Creators are paid after delivery

Logistics Solution in Place

Creators must have delivery and shipping capabilities in place to deliver products to buyers

Six Month Production Limit

All products must be delivered within 180 days or less after a campaign is completed

Disruptive Impact

Products must have a disruptive impact in the marketplace that meet customer needs

Practical Products Only

Products must be practical enough to be realized, shipped and, capable of being replicated for commercial use

Unique & New-to-Market

Products must be innovative and unique ideas rather than incremental changes to existing items

CrowdMall is the pre-launch marketplace for product creators to pre-sell new products to real customers. CrowdMall connects sellers with early-adopter buyers to purchase first editions of new product launches. Lower the risk – launch with confidence for satisfaction guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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